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The surname Bogiel is derived from two names linked together like Boguchval and Boguslav. For the first time it was recorded in this form in 1358 in the Diplomatic Codex of the Principality of Mazovia (edition T. Lubomirski, Warsaw 1863) p. 80. In documents from 1237 the form Boglo was recorded: Pasek, filius Boglonis, Zbior ogolny przywilejow i spominkow mazowieckich, Warsaw 1919, edition J. K. Kochanowski, (the so-called Mazovian Codex of Kochanowski).

The surnames Bogiel, Bogel are two spelling variations of the same name, what varies them from one another is the palatalization of pronunciation. Very often in the medieval documents the palatalization was not denoted, existing recordings Bogel should be read as Bogiel. The very name Bogel appeared quite late /after the 16th century/, it resulted from the hardening of palatal g. German origin of the surname is hardly possible, although it cannot be excluded." Kazimierz Rymut, professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences in a private letter, gives this explanation to Tomasz Bogiel.

Today it is difficult to say what the origins of our family name are. The old-Polish origin seems most likely. However, our family seat, called Olendry in the past, was the ground of an intensive Flemish settlement and later German settlement during the partitions of Poland in the 18th century. Therefore, one cannot categorically exclude the possible affiliation to the German surname Bogel, Flemish Vogel, or even to the Scottish: Bogle, Boagle, Bogell, Bogel. Link -> Bogel Family Crest

At the beginning of the 19th century a number of families Bogiel, Bogel resided in Mazovia land, Zyck parish, situated 100 km north west of Warsaw, near the city of Plock. Parish Zyck covers the following villages, among others: Piotrkowek, Nowosiadlo, Rybaki, Swiniary. With time numerous families moved northward towards Plock and southward towards Warsaw. A few Bogiel, Bogel family members emigrated from Poland to USA and Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century.

Our family genealogy is mainly elaborated on the strength of the abundant public register of the named parish Zyck. Records covering the period after 1808 have not yet been thoroughly researched. In the earliest attests the name is always written as Bogiel, with time, an interchangeable spelling Bogel occurs. The varied spelling of the name, we believe, is due to clerical error.

At present 545 Bogiel and 45 Bogel bearers of the name live in Poland (Sept. 2002). The name Bogiel, Bogel occurs also in Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, USA, Brazil, and...?

Attn: With the fates of Wladyslaw Bogiel who emigrated from Poland to USA and Wladyslaw Bogiel who emigrated from Poland to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century, being unknown - we seek their descendants
(Władysław Bogiel)

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